The "I know I saw that rule somewhere" index

Player Characters

Easy Character Creation CR I, p. 20; CR II, p. 11; CR III, p. 13
Detailed Character Creation CR I, p. 60
Creating High-Level Characters CR III, p. 72
Point Buy for Ability Scores ET, p. 64
Background-Based Character Generation CBB, p. 62
Alt. Background-Based Character Generation (Vagrants) OPB, p. 13
Fellows CR I, p. 193; CR II, p. 121; CR III, p. 149; ET, p. 92;
GM Warlock Vol 3, p. 11
Magic Rules CR I, p. 156; MA, p. 65
Reputation CR I, p. 192; CR II, p. 110; CR III, p. 125
Adventurer Rank Benefits CR II, p. 116
Personalized Equipment CR II, p. 112
Work Skills (optional) ET, p. 65
Daily Life of Adventurers (optional) ET, p. 78
Reputation Business (optional)
(Trading on the PCs' good name)
Fortuna Code (SW2.0 supplement), p. 44
Trade Rules (Store Ownership) Cardia Carnival (SW2.0 replay), p. 119
Real Estate and Public Perception CR II 2.0, p. 51
Crafting & Processed Items (optional) Alchemist Works (SW2.0 supplement), p. 159
Transcendents (Level 16+) Fortuna Code (2.0 supplement), p. 13
(Additional 2.5 homebrew, p. 180)
Schools BM, p. 44
PC Growth and Leveling Up CR I, p. 188; CR II, p. 36; CR III, pp. 69 & 74
Gods and Religion in Depth ET, p. 50; MA, p. 57
Advice and Support for New Players Start Guide Granzale, p. 90


Simplified Combat CR I, p. 118
Standard Combat CR II, p. 48
Advanced Combat ET, p. 78
Mounted Combat CR III, p. 103
Arena Combat BM, p. 178
Situation Combat Barbarous Tales (SW2.0 supplement), p. 164
Grid Combat (Gifts-specific) Monochromatica, p. 100

Damage, Recovery, and Death

Rest and Recovery CR I, p. 184
Unconsciousness CR I, p. 185
Death and Death Checks Target Number = Abs(HP)
CR I, p. 185
Starvation/Sleep Deprivation CR I, p. 184
Resurrection and Soulscars CR I, p. 185
Falling and Fall Damage (Distance fallen in meters x 3) fixed physical damage
CR I, p. 144; CR II, p. 62
Petrifaction CR II, p. 329
Entanglement and De-Bonding CR III, p. 327; ML, p. 71

Special Actions

Major and Minor Actions CR I, p. 139
Skill Checks CR I, p. 90; CR II, p. 40; CR III, p. 82
Retrying Skill Checks CR II, p. 43
Hurrying Skill Checks CR II, p. 46
Swimming and Swim Checks CR II, p. 74
Underwater Actions CR II, p. 72
Flying CR II, p. 78
Mounting, Dismounting, and Falling from Mounts CR III, p. 89
Destroying Structures (incl. walls and doors) CR III, p. 120
Falling Prone and Standing Up -2 to Action Checks, Minor Action to stand
(penalty still applies until end of turn)
CR I, pp. 97 & 142
Ambush/Surprise Attacks PC Hide vs enemy Danger Sense
ET, p. 89
Invisibility and Blindness CR II, p. 69
Deafness and Excessive Noise CR II, p. 71

Useful Information for GMs

Traps AR, p. 122
Random Dungeons (Example) Baumgart's Castle Labyrinth (2.0 supplement), p. 193;
Tour Lios (SW2.0 supplement), p. 100
Random City Adventures (Example) Tour Lios (2.0 supplement), p. 60
Sea-going Adventures (Example) Unfulfilled Mission (2.0 adventure), p. 3
Sword Shards CR I, p. 384; CR II, p. 110
Abyss Shards CR I, p. 342; CR II, p. 245; CR III, p. 77
Converting Humanoid Monsters to Other Races ML, p. 222
Scenario Creation and Guidelines for GMs Start Guide Granzale, p. 87
Item Popularity CR I, p. 300

Regions of the Alframe Continent

Land of Adventure
CR I, p. 343; CR II, pp. 279 & 284;
Natural History of Burlight (2.5 supplement)
Region of Trains
CR II, pp. 284 & 292;
Kingsfall, City of Railroads (2.5 supplement)
The Warring Kingdoms
CR III, pp. 277 & 291
Domain of the Fairy Queen
CR III, pp. 281 & 293;
Constellation of Colonies Cyrecode (2.5 supplement)
Frozen Ruin of the Diabolic Triumph
CR III, pp. 288 & 297
Korgana & the Abyss
Keepers of the Wall
CR III, pp. 289 & 298; Daemon's Line, p. 30