The "I know I saw that rule somewhere" index


Easy Character Creation CR I, p. 20
Detailed Character Creation CR I, p. 60
Creating High-Level Characters CR III, p. 72
Point Buy for Ability Scores ET, p. 64
Background-Based Character Generation CBB, p. 62
Alt. Background-Based Character Generation (Vagrants) OPB, p. 13
Fellows CR I, p. 193; CR II, p. 121; CR III, p. 149; ET, p. 92; GM Warlock Vol 3, p. 11
Magic Rules CR I, p. 156; MA, p. 65
Work Skills (optional) ET, p. 65


Simplified Combat CR I, p. 118
Standard Combat CR II, p. 48
Advanced Combat ET, p. 78

Damage, Recovery, and Death

Starvation/Sleep Deprivation CR I, p. 184
Unconsciousness CR I, p. 185
Death and Death Checks CR I, p. 185
Resurrection and Soulscars CR I, p. 185
Falling and Fall Damage (Distance fallen in meters x 3) fixed physical damage
CR I, p. 144; CR II, p. 62

Special Actions

Retrying Skill Checks CR II, p. 43
Hurrying Skill Checks CR II, p. 46
Swimming and Swim Checks CR II, p. 74
Underwater Actions CR II, p. 72
Flying CR II, p. 78
Mounting, Dismounting, and Falling from Mounts CR III, p. 89
Destroying Structures (incl. walls and doors) CR III, p. 120
Falling Prone and Standing Up -2 to all checks, Minor Action to stand
(penalty still applies until end of turn)
CR I, pp. 97 & 142